Our Technology

Recytrust has created a groundbreaking patented technology that utilizes IoT and Smart Contracts on blockchain technology, to create transparency, efficiency, accountability, and increased profitability for businesses and recycling collectors.


WiFi enabled scales & identification technology.

Mobile App

Matching businesses with a network of collectors to close the loop of recyclable waste.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts create visibility and traceability for streams of recyclables so that these become traceable through their following life cycles.

Our Customer

Connecting businesses and recycling collectors in the smartest way

Recytrust increases operational efficiency and uncover economic value in streams of recyclables. We set up transparent measurement, collection and tracing service for streams of recyclables from businesses to recycling plants.


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Our Impact

265260 kg

Collected Recyclables


Collected Recyclables

How it Works


Smart Scale
Recytrust’ Smart Scales enable businesses to participate more effectively in recycling, by monitoring their recycling performance and providing real time weight measurement of the recyclables.


Intuitive platform leveraging analytics to unlock operational efficiency for increased engagement and more volumes of recycling. An application suite designed to provide unprecedented transparency on recycling performance, generated revenue and environmental impacts.


Mobile App
Matching businesses with a network of Collectors.


Provide transparency and improved accountability, visibility and traceability, for the collected streams of recyclables.

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