A one-point mobile app that enables hand selected opportunities to collect volumes of recyclables, earn extra and grow fast. It is in your hands to join us!

Smart Collection Service

We recognize how challenging it can be to compete in waste management industry. Thus, we provide you with higher volumes of recyclables, and enable you to compete for national accounts that historically would not been able to access. We help you add new small and medium-sized customers without the need for an in-house salesforce, realizing cost savings and incremental revenue. We help you run your business more efficiently through our collection technology mobile app. Our technology enables you to optimize your pickup routes, gain access to new customers and report pickup confirmation.

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More customers. More volumes. More pickups. More revenue.

Work with bigger clients and run your business better with our cloud-based platform. Grow your business with new volumes of recyclables accessible to you and a suite of proprietary technology tools and advantageous pricing to optimize your performance and increase frequency of pickups.

A network with numerous opportunities.

Recytrust’s App is a membership-only program available to collectors providing recycling services on behalf of Recytrust. Program members have access to numerous businesses and their generated volumes with exact measurements on streams of recyclable waste by type and volume and number of bags.

Recytrust combines advanced technology to make collection of recyclables easier, smarter and more responsible.

The Smart Scales make scheduling pick up of recyclables fast and easy. After the weight measurement of recyclables exceeds a threshold automatically the system arrange a pickup within 24 hours. Using technology that tracks recyclables you will get notified from pickup to drop-off, ensuring that you’re informed every step of the way

We treat you as partner and member of our family

Recytrust empowers you by providing a cutting-edge technology and a growing customer base to collect more recyclables. We are incredibly energized about the long-term impact we can make together and will continue to innovate and focus on opportunities to help you grow.

Earn extra through Auction service

Recytrust’s App allows you to bid on new opportunities and increased volumes easily that would be almost impossible without being part of the Recytrust network. You can lower your operational costs and increase your revenue by accessing the right materials, as Recytrust’s Smart Scales provide a highly- assured quality with lower contamination of recyclables.

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Here's How Auction Works for you


A business signs up for service

A Business signs up for Recytrust’s recycling service. Our cloud-based bidding network enables you to compete for the volumes of recyclables that this business generates. There will be at least 500Kgs to start with.


You win the volume

You get informed from the mobile app of your winning bid. The app automatically maps the most efficient route and adjusts to accommodate any new service requests.


The mobile app generates pickup confirmation

Once you accept a pick-up request, our app notifies instantly the business’ facility manager of the pickup time, weight and volume, and also updates tonnage.


You get recyclable materials

Once you complete the collection of recyclables, the app generates confirmation of the pickup automatically for both you and facility manager, while enabling capability to rate the event.


Recytrust receives service payment

Once you collect the recyclables form the business, our app handles all payments between you and said business electronically, based on your bid on the cloud-powered recyclables auction at the beginning of the process.

Gain access to large accounts and volumes with Auction Service

Our bidding functionality empowers collectors of all sizes to compete for accounts – even national ones. Recytrust’s mobile app helps you work more efficiently as it dynamically adjusts routes to accommodate new service requests. Download the app and start earning instantly. Register, switch your status to ‘Available’ and start driving now!

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