We developed a product-as-a-service quantitative recycling performance technology

Seamless IoT system.

Once installed, no further interaction is required. Smart Scale automatically captures and sends data on the platform, thus recording the recycling activity, total volume, type of recyclable stream, at any time of the day. Recytrust’s platform provides real-time recycling performance and alerts while collecting real-time metrics on the measured weight of generated recyclables at your facility/facilities. Recytrust’s platform synthesizes robust insights into action-oriented intelligence, saving time, money, and labor hours. It is in your hands to be the driving power and shift toward circular economy.

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Metrics that matter most

Recytrust helps businesses adopt the kind of best practices that will prevent tons of recyclable materials from needlessly going into landfills. Recytrust’s smart scales enable a simple, systematic program for recycling that leads to greater sustainability, continuously leaning towards processes that are economically viable and environmentally beneficial to help companies recycle successfully. Get full background information of volumes & types of recyclables that your business generates. Get detailed issue recycling reports, all while tracking real-time and historical performance data, ensuring the highest level of recycling volumes and employees’ engagement.

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Recytrust combines advanced technology to make collection of recyclables easier, smarter and more responsible.

The Smart Scales make scheduling pick up of recyclables fast and easy. After the weight measurement of recyclables exceeds a threshold automatically the system arrange a pickup within 24 hours. Using technology that tracks recyclables you will get notified from pickup to drop-off, ensuring that you’re informed every step of the way

Technology for automated & efficient service

The platform displays real-time the generated weight of recyclables, instantly makes pickup requests, and communicates arrival time notifications, so distinct teams within your business can get informed to the exact moment of pickup.

We are matching businesses and recycling collectors to close the loop of recyclable waste.

  • get increasing transparency of the material flows from your premises to the next phase and create efficiency in these circular supply chains.
  • get access to an online auction platform to find best next buyers for your recyclables so that we can decrease volumes of recyclables currently end up dumped, landfilled or incinerated. Our app handles all payments between you and recycling collectors electronically.
  • trace your recyclables through different lifecycle and get proof of circularity reports (supply chain waste circularity as a KPI).

Recytrust’s technology platform seamlessly connects companies, the waste generators, to our network of recycling collectors, and to the end destinations, to get the job done.

We do a very thorough job of qualifying our network of independent waste collectors. Recytrust only works with haulers and recyclers that meet the highest standards and are strategically positioned to provide the best solutions for our customers. Each vendor is properly insured, acts in line with our customers’ goals, and has their performance monitored on a scorecard. Vendor performance is continuously measured and analyzed to ensure the best service for our customers. Delivering great service is about great people, great technology and great business practices. Our network is best in class across all three of these verticals.

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