Our passionate & talented team consists of people who are obsessed with making technology work in the smartest way possible to protect the environment

We have a team of great people from diverse backgrounds who possess great skills to transform the recycling industry. We believe that virtual measurement & traceability of resources is the ultimate key to unlock the extensive business opportunity of circular economy in recycling industry. This is why we are developing a Product as a Service (PaaS) platform for companies and waste haulers to map, measure and create visibility for streams of recyclables so that these become traceable through their following life cycles. We want to unleash the new business opportunity from circular economy and boost waste disposal, recycling & upcycling best practices with virtual support from our software, giving the highest priority to maximizing impact, scalability and efficiency. Taking the first step to start measuring the weight of recyclables and planning their integration back into the supply chains would give an opportunity for a major growth for businesses and collectors while helping to reduce the use of virgin materials. We are in right place at the right time, and ready to make a hugely positive impact on environment, society as well as on your revenue performance.

Meet Our Team

George S.
Chief Executive Officer
Tasos P.
Chief Strategy Officer
Marilena M.
Chief of Information Technology