IoT, data analytics, mobile app and blockchain technology: Eco-friendly workplaces and Waste Collectors are now realizing new recycling opportunities.


Recytrust designed and developed the first-of-its-kind internet-connected digital weight scale that can be placed underneath any recycling bin to monitor weight at any given time. The hardware is also integrated with an RFID access control, to identify users and monitor their recycling performance.

The internet-connected digital weight scales, continuously:
  • weigh the waste in the bins on top,
  • understand any waste addition or removal, or if the bin is empty
  • identify employees who throw items in the bins, as the system incorporates an ID control access technology
  • calculate the number of recyclables each employee throw to the bin, to allocate points.
  • Increase employee’s engagement and eventually volumes of recyclables
  • generate alerts to collect for the filled bin, indicating that the bin needed to be emptied.
  • The internet-connected digital weight scales are connected to an intuitive platform. Robust insights leverage reporting and turn metrics into action-oriented intelligence, saving your time, money, and boost sustainability goals for any business.
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Mobile App

Recytrust is the first matching platform, where businesses that generate streams of recyclables connect with recycling collectors to dramatically lower costs and increase profits for both parties.

Recytrust’ App providing an optimal driving route in real-time, vehicle tracking and real-time positioning, navigation, and alerts while collecting real-time metrics on the measured weight of recyclables to be picked up.
Once downloaded, no further driver interaction is required. Automated pickup confirmation will record the location, volume type of recyclable stream, and time of collection that is needed
Insights integrated into action-oriented intelligence, resulting in saved time, money, and labor hours, for increased number of pickups. Get the optimal driving route in real-time to reduce idle time and fuel burn.
Automated route planning uses real-time traffic and road work to ensure reduced idling and burned fuel
Collect service confirmations, weight tickets, and detailed issue reports, all while tracking real-time and historical route and pickup data, ensuring the highest level of customer service.
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Smart Contracts

Once a pickup of any measured volume of recyclable stream is confirmed then a unique tracking code is entered in Recytrust’ blockchain ledger that enables tracing of recyclables’ origin through their next life-cycles and background proof of circularity reports & certifications.

Recytrust’ blockchain-based smart contracts enables both sides to close the loop together by making a mutual agreement on every pickup and hold on to that agreement transparently, leading to long-term gains for all stakeholders. Every completed collection creates a unique smart contract on Ethereum blockchain to eliminate the need of other interactions, confirm service completion, and save time and money for everyone involved. In order to protect businesses and recycling collectors against the underestimated volume of recyclables, we leverage smart contracts to confirm and protect any credible collection service in a most transparent, trackable and irreversible way. Each smart contract only executes after both the 2 involved parties –business & recycling collectors- have agreed on the total weight and the type of recyclable stream that collected. That means that both parties approve the same hash, and the document hash (id) is copied to the approved list. Each Recytrust’ smart contract possess Blockchain properties.